The Pulselinks platform leverages the capabilities of our enterprise resource planning engine. The system provides two distinct areas of planning.

Project Managing your event
Planning a major event or a small workshop? From large events, where the work starts a year or more before the event date to an ad-hoc workshop planned days or weeks in advance, our planning tool can help you do it right.

Event Scheduling
Our session scheduling tool is incredibly easy to use yet provides all of the capabilities that you may need for the scheduling of the event sessions and the associated resources and logistical requirements.


  • Powerful Session planning with Agenda View, Day View and Week View
  • Drag and Drop scheduling
  • Assign and manage Speakers,Chairpersons and other attendees
  • Track Attendance
  • Allocate Resources to sessions
  • Sophisticated handling of global time zones and Daylight savings time adjustments
  • Planning & Tracking

  • Flexible Planning with a Gantt Chart
  • Create logic linked plans
  • Assign Team members & resources
  • Team members can update the status of their tasks easily from mobile devices
  • Track and Report tasks across events
  • Planning for Success

    Proactive Planning & Tracking
    – Create module planning templates for various types of events and for various aspects of event planning & tracking
    – Automatically apply templates to the event to create an activity plan for the event
    – Set-up automated email reminders
    – Automated email notifications of changes to the event plan

    Efficient Execution
    – Team members can see upcoming tasks easily
    – Update the status and progress of tasks
    – Integration with mobile device applications such as calendars and To-Do lsists

    Integrate the schedule with your calendar

    From publishing the session on the event web site,
    to integrating in your calendar on your mobile
    device or other calendaring servies e.g. Google
    Calendar, Pulselinks allows you to access and use
    your event schedule in a flexible manner.

    Project Management and To-Do Lists

    Having the right information available at the right
    time and in the right tool is the key to working
    efficiently. Our system allows users to sync their
    assigned activities with to-do lists on their mobile
    devices making it easy to always stay on top of
    what needs to be done.

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