Plan and Manage

Effortlessly keep track of your project plan online and follow the progression of your event and the activities of your team and vendors with our project planning software.

The plan and manage module keeps the execution team focused, on track, and on time by creating tasks, assigning ownership and developing timelines. With this tool, the timeline is easily displayed and shows all tasks relevant to the project, who is responsible for what, and the timeframe that has been allocated.

Planning & Tracking

  • Flexible Planning with a Gantt Chart
  • Create logic linked plans
  • Assign Team members & resources
  • Team members can update the status of their tasks easily from mobile devices
  • Track and Report tasks across events

Project Management for each event

  • Tasks based on customisable template
  • Links and dependencies
  • Warnings for deadlines
  • Overview of resources, even across events

For all Documents, Workflow management can be enabled. As the status changes at each stage, who can take actions, see the content etc. can be controlled.  Actions can be triggered (e.g. email notification).

The workflow is managed in a table, and automatically visualized for ease of understanding.

Plan your event schedule for the year

  • Solicit Topics
  • Vote on the events for the year

Review and create the event plan for the year

Planning for Success

Proactive Planning & Tracking
– Create module planning templates for various types of events and for various aspects of event planning & tracking
– Automatically apply templates to the event to create an activity plan for the event
– Set-up automated email reminders
– Automated email notifications of changes to the event plan

Efficient Execution

– Team members can see upcoming tasks easily
– Update the status and progress of tasks
– Integration with mobile device applications such as calendars and To-Do lists

Integrate the schedule with your calendar

From publishing the session on the event web site, to integrating in your calendar on your mobile device or other calendaring servies e.g. Google Calendar, Pulselinks allows you to access and use your event schedule in a flexible manner.

Project Management and To-Do Lists

Having the right information available at the right time and in the right tool is the key to working efficiently. Our system allows users to sync their assigned activities with to-do lists on their mobile devices making it easy to always stay on top of what needs to be done.

Ready to make Pulselinks work
for your events?

Implement Pulselinks modules individually or in various combinations and configure the system for your needs, or speak to us if you have very specific requirements.

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