Managing meeting room bookings and rentals is a major challenge when organising large events. Booking requests, changes, block reservations of meeting rooms in the early days and changing to hourly bookings as the event draws closer and starts is enough to keep someone fairly busy! Pulselinks considerably simplifies the workload of the persons managing these room bookings and empowers the exhibitors to select rooms and make immediate reservations resulting in a faster & simpler process for everyone.

Rooms can be arranged by areas in the venue and information such as layout options, capacity and additional information provided to make it easier for exhibitors to make their choices.

Minimum booking duration can be specified as well as intervals defined to allow time for change over, cleaning and any logistical actions.

An approval step can be added in the process whereby the event organiser can approve the request before the exhibitor can pay and finalise the booking This is of course supported by daily summary emails that allow the event organiser to stay on top of the booking activities and take necessary decisions.

Please see Exhibition Space Page for more information or contact us for a detailed discussion and demonstration.

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