The Medical Events Portal is a pre-configured version of Pulselinks created to serve the medical community to plan, manage, publish and run scientific events.

As a dedicated, standardized platform, it has the advantage of eliminating the high cost of configuration and set up, while offering all the same features and capabilities as the enterprise version.

Leveraging the capabilities of Pulselinks, this portal brings significant value to event stakeholders in the medical community. For event organizers, it streamlines the setup and management of events in a cost-effective environment. For participants, it facilitates finding and registering for medical events.

Platform Capabilities & Options

  • Create and publish an event web site
  • Provide tools for creating an event calendar and publish to mobile devices or other personal calendars
  • Provide registration & Payment collection
  • Event Planning (Project Management)
  • Email communication facilities
  • Document & Presentation storage (Content Library)
  • Budgeting
  • Attendance and Survey
  • Mobile Application for the event

Key Benefits

  • Simplify event management by replacing emails, Excel etc.
  • Make it easier for attendees to find events
  • Enable visitors to create a Pulselinks account and use their profile to register for events from different organizers
  • Allow Speakers and Key Opinion Leaders to maintain their profile for use in events
  • Common interface across events for all users, simplifying registration and payment
  • Creating a community of potential attendees & speakers
  • Increase visibility by bringing all Medical Scientific Events together in one place
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