Exhibition Space Management

Faster Exhibition Space Booking!

Pulselinks provides several features to support activities for Exhibitions, and these are also relevant for larger conferences and congresses. These relate to the reservation and sale of booths, meeting rooms and other sponsorship items.  Management interfaces allow layouts, descriptions and other related data to be entered, and all information can be used in direct booking/reservation or with a “shopping cart” and check-out process linked to payment.  Where required the reservation and payment process can include approval and negotiation steps.

All information can be used for multiple purposes such as producing brochures, web-site content, hall maps and for passing the information to third-party suppliers for producing materials.  This reduces the need to re-enter information when changes occur and reduces the possibility of errors in “copy-paste” activities.

Exhibition Booth space layout and Sales

  • Create booth layout with automated numbering, size data and costs
  • Direct Space selection either by exhibitors or sales-team – real-time configurable indication of process status e.g. selected, under review, reserved, payment complete etc.
  • Link to other items e.g. shell build, power needs etc.
  • Merge and reconfigure booths – changes immediately available on the website and documentation
  • Reserved booths available for exhibitor listings, interactive hall-map (including mobile)

    Sponsorship and other Branding Opportunities

    • Create event sponsorship categories with detailed descriptions and costs
    • Other items such as lanyard labels, banner positioning, bag banding etc.
    • Available as part of the online sales interface and for inclusion into documents and brochures
    • Information can be accessed directly by item manufacturers or shared with them as separate automated documents

      Meeting Room Booking

      For the booking of meeting rooms at the Congress

      • Meeting room calendar with online booking interface
      • Room size, layout and other details can be entered and displayed
      • Bookings times available to event staff for management
      • Reserve and add directly to the shopping cart for payment

        Exhibitor Profiles and Micro Web Sites

        All Exhibitors create a login and create a company/organization profile

        • The profile can contain one or more description fields e.g. short for mobile, longer for web-site or exhibitor catalogues
        • The login and profile allows the purchase of space and other items e.g. sponsorship and branding
        • Offer extended website “micro sites” possibilities to exhibitors as an option
        • Offer price variants – Different templates with varying levels of complexity
        • Provides a richer experience to the event delegates as they can find more information and useful details about the exhibitors’ offerings, in the context of the event
        • Automatically update the exhibitor catalogue
        • Link from interactive hall-map on mobile or browser

        B2B Appointments

        A B2B appointments option is available allowing the creation of B2B meeting slots with participant group sizes of 1 or more. This is ideal for arranging 1:1 “meet-the-expert” or other similar small meetings at exhibitions and conferences. The B2B meeting booking component can be integrated in the Pulselinks event website or in the registration form e.g. B2B booking options become available only after a delegate has registered.


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