Sessions and Scheduling

The Pulselinks platform leverages the capabilities of our enterprise resource planning engine.

Event Scheduling

Our session scheduling tool is incredibly easy to use yet provides all of the capabilities that you may need for the scheduling of the event sessions and the associated resources and logistical requirements.

Some of the features of our module:

  • Powerful Session planning with Agenda View, Day View and Week View
  • Drag and Drop scheduling
  • Assign and manage Speakers, Chairpersons and other attendees
  • Track Attendance
  • Allocate Resources to sessions
  • Sophisticated handling of global time zones and Daylight savings time adjustments

Session/Agenda Planning:

  • View as a list or in “calendar” mode
  • Add details e.g. speakers, room requirements etc.
  • Drag and Drop editing
  • Have team interactive planning sessions
  • Publish events or sessions to your own web site
  • Integrate schedule in your own calendar e.g. Google calendar or mobile device

Ready to make Pulselinks work
for your events?

Implement Pulselinks modules individually or in various combinations and configure the system for your needs, or speak to us if you have very specific requirements.

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