Small Event Management Companies

Focus on your Event Organization
Pulselinks helps all event management companies to automate their manual processes so that they can focus on more important aspects of the event e.g. dynamic proposals, budgeting, task planning.

We know how critical it is when a small company begins to grow can scale – we’re with you every step of the way to provide you with a smooth transition.

Offer Enhanced Experience for Clients
Even small or single PCO teams can offer extended facilities to clients with personalized registration, website, messaging (chat and discussion forum), as well as a robust mobile app for all your events.

Pulselinks Solution for Small Event Management Companies

Event Website

With Pulselinks you can offer your clients an event website. This isn’t just a static place for users to find information but dynamic and provides an interactive experience. You have total control of the look and feel, and can even have a controlled-access event gallery of photos set up for your clients to showcase.

Event Registration

Pulselinks provides an easy to use but highly configurable sophisticated registration form, enabling you to take workload from your clients to collect attendee information. Our powerful features such as workflow status-based access control and a rule manager allows you to have absolute control of your registration form. You can also gather additional information about attendee check-in and up-to-date travel information. You can deliver an outstanding event experience to your clients and attendees with Pulselinks.

Budgeting and Proposals

Pulselinks allows you to list all your potential event related cost items and you can use it to track your expenses. You can then use that data to generate a dynamic proposal for your clients.

Live Streaming Events

Pulselinks gives you the ability to store your video content to be streamed to participants or for an access-controlled viewing.

Task Planning

You can effortlessly keep track of your event execution plan online and follow the progression of your event and the activities of your team and vendors.


With Pulselinks Text Messaging and discussion forum, you and your attendees can communicate with each other throughout the event lifecycle.

Mobile App

You can provide your attendees with a state-of-the-art mobile app to keep informed and engages throughout your event. Your attendees can capture the special moments post it directly on the event gallery. Our push notification Feature allows you to send messages to your event attendees, speakers, vendors and event planning team.

Ready to make Pulselinks work
for your events?

Implement Pulselinks modules individually or in various combinations and configure the system for your needs, or speak to us if you have very specific requirements.

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