Content Library

Keep all your event related information and content organized without breaking your workflow!

Information on Demand

With the Pulselinks Content Library, you can store all your files in one shared repository to facilitate file sharing and authoring between your internal team and supporting agencies.

The Pulselinks Content Library provides advanced & flexible content storage and sharing capabilities for brochures, documents, presentations & other files. You can obtain an updated consent from speakers online, enable upload of presentations, and send reminders emails. Speakers can preview their PowerPoint presentation, delete slides that they don’t want to publish and generate a watermarked pdf for sharing with event participants.

Why Pulselinks Content Library?

Easy-to-use yet powerful capabilities allow you absolute control of all your content and dramatically reduce your workload.

Information accuracy is increased by avoiding manual duplication of information in documents and having a flexibly shared repository that facilitates file sharing between internal staff and supporting agencies in a timely manner.

Content Sharing

  • Unique flexible content storage
  • Offline Content on mobile devices
  • Share your content with granular permissions down to the file level
  • Versioning, check-in/check-out & recycle bin

Presentation & Consent

  • Store and manage session presentations
  • Allow speaker to update consent
  • Preview slide presentations, delete, redact and watermark presentations

Leverage your information

  • Publish files from your content library to attendees, speakers, and others
  • Collaborate with Agencies for managing your event
  • Use Pulselinks event data not only in system reports but in MS Word and Excel. When the information changes, your files show the new data
  • Instantaneous update for urgent changes

Simplify & reduce your workload

  • Generate Welcome letters & itineraries using in Word and Pdf format from within the content library where you are in control and don’t require any technical skills

Need all your event related files offline on a mobile device when traveling or at the congress center? Use the Pulselinks mobile app!

If you need assistance installing the Pulselinks App or logging in, please contact

Ready to make Pulselinks work
for your events?

Implement Pulselinks modules individually or in various combinations and configure the system for your needs, or speak to us if you have very specific requirements.

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