The COVID-19 pandemic has left associations & clubs in a difficult situation when it comes to holding elections. The election of committees and management boards is an essential activity but the health & safety risk of holding an in-person election is daunting.

To address this challenge, we have added an election module to the platform that offers an easy to use low-cost solution providing the following capabilities & benefits:

  • Allows members who wish to vote online, do so securely with identity confirmation via a one-time-password (OTP) using SMS to their registered phone number and email address
  • If a hybrid arrangement is made for in-person voting, this can be arranged via devices made available to voters on the premises
  • Eliminating paper ballots will significantly reduce the exposure and risk of transmission
  • Anonymous recording of ballots with automatic control of members’ voting submission to guarantee no false/duplicate ballots
  • Results will be available immediately without the need to count votes from paper ballots reducing the risk for the election commission members responsible for this process
  • Safe storage and management of data in a data center in Europe

We are very happy to state that the Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB –, facing the challenge of holding their 2020 elections, opted to do this on-line on our platform with overwhelming success and positive response from candidates & voters. The entire process from candidate nominations, review, withdrawals, confirmation & voting was done on-line with a record percentage of 89% of eligible voters having cast their vote.

Our thanks to the IAB for taking the initiative to run their election on our platform and for their great insights and support in helping us create a great solution!

Please see the Online Election Page for more information or contact us for a detailed discussion and demonstration.

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