For exhibitions, managing the assignment and sales of booth & floor space and related optional materials and services can be complicated, especially with conflicts over reservation and payment / confirmation.  This applies for direct online booking by exhibitors or by a sales team; the ability to move quickly and reduce “it was sold yesterday” situations is vital for a professional approach and to maximise sales.

Pulselinks provides easy tools that allow you to create an interactive floor plan. For complex layouts where CAD files are used, we provide import/export capabilities for interaction with other teams.

The spaces can be reserved and held while a configurable workflow takes place for approval or confirmation of payment.  Additional sponsorship items can be combined in the interface as well as items such as shell schemes, facilities, equipment supply etc.  and linked to a payment “check-out” with auto generated invoices.

Exhibitor profile information can be collected to create directories or documents that can be available via the website or mobile application and if you wish, you can offer micro-sites to your exhibitors allowing them to provide more useful information to delegates & visitors about their presence at the event. The is also the possibility of providing the option to make meeting appointments between delegates and exhibitors. The end result is more value for the exhibitors & delegates and a more successful event for the event organisers.

Please see the Exhibition Space Page for more information or contact us for a detailed discussion and a demonstration.

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