Badges & Tickets

Design, Publish, Print & Scan!

Badge Creation, Printing & Scanning

Pulselinks enables you to create multiple badge designs for different types of delegates. Badges can be bulk printed on badge stock, output in badge stock sized pdf files to send for external printing or badges can be printed on-site when a user checks in or registers.

Badges can be generated with QR codes that include information about the delegates registered sessions and can be scanned for checking in delegates to restricted attendance sessions. 


For events that do not require badges, e-tickets can be designed and published with images & a QR code. Tickets can be delivered as email attachments, accessed from the Pulselinks website or from the Pulselinks mobile app.

Ready to make Pulselinks work
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Implement Pulselinks modules individually or in various combinations and configure the system for your needs, or speak to us if you have very specific requirements.

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