Customer Success Story – eDoc

Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

The Challenge

At Actelion, the congress team has to conduct more than 100 events and meetings per year. The management of these events involves careful logistical planning and a number of documents related to each event need to be generated from data held in more than one system.

The manual creation and management of Microsoft Word documents with event and attendee related information combined with free text and images was proving to be very inefficient due to the need for corrections in multiple documents when event related information changed e.g. a workshop or meeting was rescheduled.

With the objectives of improving efficiency and focusing more on the management of the events rather than on documentation, the Actelion congress team started looking for a solution.

Every event that we organize contributes real value to our business and says something about our company. The eDoc solution has been a valuable tool in helping us reach our goal of making each event a success.

Ingrid Marti
Senior Director, Head of Global Congresses,
Meetings and Events

The Solution

A simple and easy to use solution powered by the IMpulse eDoc Office Suite, the eDoc Event Logistics solution, allows the Actelion congress team to use Microsoft Word – an application that most business users are familiar with – for creating and managing their documents. Precreated templates automatically load available data in well-designed documents with complex formatted tables. The users can simply edit and add the additional content that is required.

The solution loads and integrates data from a web based delegate management system(etouches) used by Actelion and provides the capability to capture additional event related data not stored in etouches. In particular, detailed logistics related information for event sessions is recorded and a web based tool with email notification capabilities facilitates the planning & tracking of tasks.

Documents are automatically generated for each event with a significant amount of data prepopulated based on the pre-defined document templates and the toolbar ensures that the documents are updated with the latest data when opened.

eDoc for Actelion

Initially, the eDoc Event Logistics system was only used for document management and auto generating documents, but it is now used for much more.

This platform now provides task planning and project management tools to the congress team to better manage their day to day activities and upcoming schedule. The session management form provides the correct level of information granularity for the congress team to efficiently manage the sessions and participants. The advanced functionality of the system supports the generation of personalized documents such as welcome letters and itineraries for each participant. An iPad application is also available that allows the congress team to have off-line access to all event documents while travelling or access them online if connected to the network.

The eDoc solution has significantly reduced our document generation workload and helped us focus more on the actual planning and management of our events. This easy to use solution, backed by a responsive support team, has become an integral part of our business process.

Stephane Dazet, Senior Manager, Global Congresses, Meetings & Events
Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd

At IMpulse, we are delighted to have Actelion as our first pilot customer for the eDoc Office Suite and eDoc Event Logistics platform. The positive feedback that they provide truly inspires us and gives us the confidence to make the eDoc Office Suite available to a wider audience.

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