Abstract Management

In control of all your abstracts with minimum fuss!

Flexible and Complete

The Abstract Management module provides a full solution, from submission to creating formatted documents.  Ensure speed and accuracy using the fully configurable Review workflow with access control at each step.  And where there are multiple authors, protect your compliance with data protection using automated consent tracking.  Reviews can be rated by multiple categories with reporting on scores to simplify the selection process.  At the end of the process abstracts can be assigned to your event sessions, or you can create sessions automatically from selected abstracts, accelerating event planning.

Abstract Submission

  • Control author and co-author numbers
  • Configurable number of text entry fields
  • Set abstract type and topic
    • Can be used to control submission form configuration and review routing
  • Collaborative authoring for submitters – assign additional editors and readers
  • On submission, send emails to authors and co-authors (if not the submitter) to request confirmation
    • Aids compliance with data protection regulations


Manage the Abstract Lifecycle with a fully configurable workflow

  • Visualise the workflow as a diagram or editable grid
  • As simple or complex as needed, and store workflows for reuse
  • Set conditions and access at each step
    • Set “blinding” options for different roles
  • At status/step change, set triggers to initiate emails or other actions

Review List

  • Set multiple rating options
  • Hide overall rating until process complete
  • Add comments
  • Track progress

Session Planning

  • Link multiple abstracts to existing event sessions
  • Automate the creation of sessions from Abstracts

Publishing Abstract book

  • Flexibility to configure layout of the Abstract book in Microsoft Word
  • Generate the Microsoft Word document and pdf automatically
  • Publish to the event website directly from the Pulselinks Content Library

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